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Connections Matter: Never Stop Learning with Open Water’s New Alumni Community

Open Water launches new alumni group

Open Water is excited to launch its new alumni members group which is free to join for anyone who has completed an Open Water program.

Open Water Alumni will benefit from free refresher webinars, new insights and savings on executive coaching. They will also be invited to join a LinkedIn group where they can connect with like-minded Open Water alumni where they can continue to share, learn and develop. It is a key step in ensuring that learning is sustainable and that Open Water continues to add value beyond the client engagement.

Open Water Director of Operations, Marika Cysouw says:

“LinkedIn has become a key tool for personal branding and social influence in business.  Often leaders are hesitant to post and comment on articles and their own thinking.  Having a closed group where they can comment and blog and receive positive feedback from other alumni will be a great way to build confidence.”

The organisations that work with Open Water have clear business objectives they need to achieve like improving their leadership capacity, boosting sales, driving change initiatives or transforming culture. At a delegate level, attending an Open Water programme is much more about a personal transformation- a journey that will ultimately lead to their peak performance as a leader and a team member, and impact their careers going forwards. Open Water equips individuals with the tools and techniques that will last a life-time and often is a catalyst for deep personal change. The learning experience does not finish when the face-to-face program ends.

Open Water Program Delegates share a unique experience

Open Water Program Delegates share a unique experience

Open Water MD Ben Shoshan explains: “Taking part in an Open Water program, regardless of the length  gives participants a new vocabulary, new frameworks and an experience that is unique to Open Water and familiar only to people who have gone through our programs. This creates a shared understanding and a sense of community.  By creating the Open Water Alumni Group, we are recognising the power of that community and encouraging our alumni to stay connected and keep learning and developing as leaders and managers.”

Open Water Alumni will shortly be receiving a personal invitation to the alumni group outlining the benefits and enabling them to join the group on LinkedIn. The first webinar will take place towards the end of November.



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