News Release

Open Water launches OWL – a new social learning platform


LONDON, 23 February

London-based Learning and Development Consultancy Open Water has this week launched its new social learning platform kicking off with a new leadership coaching program for a global Consultancy firm in India this week.

Consumer-led behaviours such as using Facebook or LinkedIn are becoming an increasingly important part of the modern global workplace. This opens new opportunities for creating sustainable, engaging and meaningful learning experiences.

The social learning platform – or Open Water Learning (OWL) – works on the same premise as traditional social media platforms; people want to connect, share and engage with one another. OWL allows groups of teams or leaders to learn from each other, share content relevant to their learning and stay motivated.

Marika Cysouw, Operations Director at Open Water explains that they looked extremely closely at the best way to develop a social learning platform saying:

“It needed to be robust and reliable enough to work across regions and at scale. More importantly, it had to be able to include company or program branding and provide an engaging and intuitive user experience. We are really happy with the end result and we look forward to seeing the impact it has on delegates and on learning ROI.”

Ben Shoshan, Managing Director and Executive Coach at Open Water commented:

“I am delighted that the first cohort to implement OWL is this particular leadership coaching program in Pune, India next week. We’ll be creating a new learning experience for these leaders, all of whom have high levels of capability and motivation to develop their EQ and coaching skills. The delegates have already had access to the platform, creating personal profiles, accessing pre-learning material and making connections. It has created quite a buzz before we even begin the program – and it will be invaluable for sustaining learning long after the program is over.”

Open Water will be monitoring the success of this blended approach – combining social learning with face-to-face, using their proprietary high-impact Knowledge, Attitude and Behaviour Measurement system.

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